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Groomer, Melody MichelExperience + Love = A Beautifully Groomed and Happy Pet

It is a combination that can’t be beat. When you choose a groomer to care for your fur kids you need peace of mind. That is exactly what you get when you drop your dog or cat off for a day of pampering at Sweet Paws Pet Grooming with owner Melody Michel having over 30 years of Pet Styling experience and a staff of caring people who all have a love and passion for pets.

The furry kids that walk, wiggle or bound through our door are more than clients – they become part of our family here at Sweet Paws Pet Grooming. The fact that their safety, well being and happiness is entrusted to us is something we take seriously. Our staff must meet very high standards and continue to be educated in the pet care industry. We regularly attend educational seminars, dog shows, grooming competitions, trade shows, adoption and rescue events.

We go above and beyond to make sure your furry family member looks their very best. We can groom to breed standard or a custom style on your dog. From a text book Bichon Frise trim to a Terrier mix with a Mohawk – we can do it!

The expertise that only years of experience can bring is an asset for your pet. We are also very capable of caring for elderly or ill pets. The skills that that allow us to handle these kids with special needs are the ones that only time can teach. We pride ourselves on being able to educate owners about potential health issues we find while caring for your dog.

We also carry supplies that we use when we groom your pets for purchase here at Sweet Paws Pet Grooming. We use the highest quality all natural shampoos, conditioners, medicated baths and finishing sprays that are gentle on your pet’s skin and coat. As well as the brushes, combs, treats and other products that we recommend.

The best part of what we do is the love we share with the kids we care for every day. We make each visit as much about play as about the grooming process. There is always a treat in our pocket or a scratch behind the ears to show your little ones that they are safe and loved.

YELP Sweet Paws Pet Groomer

Gentle care and custom grooming to your specifications.  Specializing in small to medium dogs under 30 pounds.